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Fix Your Underperforming Sales Team

If you’re a small to medium sized business, buying your way out of the problem is not always a viable option.

Are you a mid-sized or smaller business struggling to improve the performance of your sales function? SalesQB is a premier outsourced sales management service designed specifically for you. Instead of buying your way out of the problem, SalesQB offers a cost-effective solution to enhance sales performance and maximize the effectiveness of your current sales team. With our expertise and proven strategies, we will help your business thrive by optimizing your sales processes, providing ongoing coaching, and implementing effective sales strategies. Take charge of your sales function with SalesQB and unlock your team’s true potential.

The Path to Guaranteed Growth

Step 1:

Auditing your sales best practice™

Step 2:

Increasing lead generation quantity and efficiency

Step 3:

Creating a “proven & repeatable sales process” for the company

Step 4:

Leveraging technology to reduce sales costs and effectiveness

Step 5:

Improving sales management by installing models, systems, and management

Step 6:

Improving individual salesperson performance through coaching, mentoring, and training

SalesQB Benefits

Placing a Fractional Sales Manager™

This removes the burden of sales management from the owner and puts a talented manager in a position where superior skill matters. Each week, the SalesQB will work with you and your team to improve lead generation, better structure the sales process, leverage sales technologies, create a pipeline model and accountability, and individually coach reps. Best of all, you can access a superstar sales manager for about 1/3 the cost of hiring an average sales manager. The SalesQB program streamlines sales management to the vital tasks which allow the SalesQB to spend only 1/2 day each week with each client.

Freeing the Owner from Sales Management Tasks

Sales management is important, but we recognize that most business owners do not enjoy sales management and have other pressing tasks to attend to. This is why we offer our expertise to small and mid-sized businesses that may be experiencing "leakage" in their sales department resulting in lost deals, decreased margins, and unnecessary costs. We possess the necessary skills and toolbox to optimize your sales department and generate higher profits for your business.

Getting Your Sales Function Running Efficiently

Once your process is fully implemented, you can retain your SalesQB to manage the process or turn it over to one of your people. This process takes time, but the system will become a vital asset to your business. We recommend you retain your SalesQB to coach and manage your staff, but you are free to take the system created and run with it.

Let’s Have a Discussion to See if a SalesQB is a Good Fit for Your Business.